Who said that Kalimantan open a beautiful place? Central Kalimantan especially,,,
In kalimanyan Tengan we have a lot of interesting places to visit by tourists, tikdak’ll be sorry when visiting central Kalimantan.
In Borneo, we had a lot of interesting things to dah places we recommend, good customs, panoramic, forest and everything in it that will only be found in central Kalimantan. Among them:
Nature Bukit Batu
Katingan, Central Kalimantan, natural attractions in Bukit Batu terlelak Katingan kasongan border and the capital Palangkaraya already widely known. pediri hill is where meditation is also a former governor of Central Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, Tjilik Riwut. Bukit Batu presents its own belief system for the local community and have a legend to confirm the existence of Bukit Batu, who at the same time, the legend
This lake is a natural lake formed due to changes in river flow Kahayan. Tahai lake is about 30 KM from the city center.
The lake has a unique Tahai that may not be owned by other lakes (especially outside the island of Borneo), the red-colored water is caused by tree roots in peatlands.
Balanga MUSEUM

The museum is located at Km 2.5 Jalan Tjilik Riwut with an area of less than 5 (five) Ha. Museum is acting as an agency pot preservation, documentation, and presentation of a variety of Dayak cultural heritage collections and everything related to the history of the Dayak tribe lives, as ethnografika, heritage items that many Dayak megic power. In this museum are also a variety of traditional tools used by the Dayak tribes in antiquity as-Mihing-(a traditional fishing), and others.


Banama stone is in addition to beautiful scenery can also be categorized as containing relegius tour, due to the location of this tourist area there is Pura Agung Sali Paseban / Satya Dharma. Besides the legend of the stone itself banama viewed from the side much like a stranded ship.
Betang homes (long houses, big house) is home to the indigenous Dayak. As the name implies is a large house that can accommodate dozens of people or families who have family ties. Betang house is rarely encountered, but in the city of Palangkaraya betang there is one house that had been built as a pilot in Jl. D.I Penjaitan Palangkaraya city. At certain moments, the house is often used as a location betang gigs / festivals Dayak culture.

Beach in the village of Kubu Kubu, Kumai District Kotawaringin west (Kobar). Location of the attraction is located about 30 km from the city of Pangkalan Bun. . Kubu is a bay beach which stretches for 3 km, with a reddish-colored water. White sand beaches are pristine. From the beach to see the high seas. The beauty of the natural atmosphere Kubu Beach seemed to be a bidder for the citizens of Pangkalan Bun and surrounding this holiday season to just forget the daily work routine.

Puruk Batu Suli is the name of one of the tourist attraction that is not alien to the people in the district Gunung Mas. Situated right in the village is often called the Manange tumbles Upon the Rock, District Tewah, Gunung Mas. This unique place is located on the edge Kahajan and has a very beautiful panorama. One appeal of Batu Suli is Puruk Antang Stone, a stone shaped like Antang (eagle), which was flapping its wings. When diliat Antang Stone is composed of two and in between two rocks have a small gap.

Kotawaringin East is one of the districts in the province of Central Kalimantan. The capital of this district is located in Sampit. The tip Pandaran beach is a representation of the beauty of the scenery was stunning. On this beach, visitors can see the white sand is so vast, rows of palm trees that when viewed from a distance as if the fence off the beach, the waves are big enough, and the wealth of marine life typical of this coast. Specifically for marine biota, in the end Pandaran Coast there are many jellyfish, stingrays, various types of small fish that live in coral reefs, and others.


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